January 22, 2011

testing, testing 1 2 3 - part two

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These were the first two pictures to come out of the wonderfully expired pack of 600 film I found in one of my new cameras. The pics got stuck in the rollers of the polaroid extreme and so the chemicals failed to spread. I kinda smushed them out with my fingers while they were still soft creating this pattern. I'll definitely do something amazing with these pics, but I haven't decided what yet. Meanwhile, I'm adding them to the collection here -->


DQM said...

Hey, one thing to watch out for if the film is REALLY expired and dried out...it can mess the pick arm up, I suppose because the chemical pouch gets stuck in the slot. It's happened to me a couple of times. Anyway, love the site.

eggzakly said...

Hey Daniel - thanks! Yeah that's happened to me, too, with a Spectra (although that camera was a little dodgy to begin with, so it's hard to know if the expired film was solely to blame).

Teryn said...

NICE! I just did this with a pack of expired spectra film this morning! I still have the images sitting here next to the computer! haha! I just ran across your blog today, I love it! (today meaning literally 5 min ago)