November 10, 2010

November 8, 2010

attack of the killer crystals

(The Impossible Project PZ 600. Left: After 3 days, with killer crystals. Right: Original shot.)

Formation of crystals has been a big issue with The Impossible Project's experimental PX/PZ 600 films. Since I like to do emulsion lifts I haven't really been affected - until I finally got to see them today. COOL!!

Of course, it would probably suck more if it hadn't just been a random snapshot of my fridge that was affected, but it just goes to show that scanning experimental materials is a really good idea - that goes for expired ones as well - because you just never know!

I could peel it now to stop the effect... but I think I'll just wait and see what happens!

normal consciousness

My computer was down most of yesterday :(

The geekiest of you will immediately get the reference, the only slightly less geeky will google it, the rest won't give a damn...

November 7, 2010


Have you been having trouble peeling those new films from the impossible project? So did I for a while, but I figured it out. See my note on peeling here -->

November 6, 2010

November 4, 2010

'Roid Week 2010 - end of day 4

note to self

Tomorrow's the last day of fall 'Roid Week, so hurry up and get shooting - then post it **here**

new lemons

Yes, it does suck when something goes wrong. The shot above was the very last of my very last pack of Fade to Black. TIP had already sold their final packs, so it sucked double when **something** went wrong as I peeled it - more here -->

November 2, 2010

'Roid Week 2010 - end of day 2

It's fall 'Roid Week so get shooting - then post it **here** - you have until Friday night!

tristesse engraved

This month's edition of the e-zine Tristesse Engraved is devoted to expired film - and if you've been following this blog, the pictures in the first spread will look very familiar to you. Check it out here -->

eternal light

'Roid Week 2010 - end of day 1

It's fall 'Roid Week, so grab your instant cameras and go shoot something - then post it **here** - you have until Friday night!